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I am many things but most importantly I am a Miimi (mother) to three beautiful boys and am currently growing a little Jiinda (sister). As well as being a Miimi, I am also recognised as a Gumbaynggirr Nyami (woman), Aromatherapist, Birth worker focusing on culturally safe maternal care and spaces, advocacy for Birthing on country, and I am all the women before me. I am extremely intuitive and blessed to have the spirit of my grandmothers running through my blood and a long line of Intuitive matriarchs walking with me. I really strive for change in the wellness space through my work, offering alternative options within the space to support our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Some of my blends are created from my modern studies and some through the stories shared to me from my grandfather and mother.

As an Aboriginal mother I know the importance in sharing my message and our stories, especially around our health and wellbeing. I want to change the stigma of a white washed space and help mob find their safe place within the health and wellness space, to support our mob in healing for many generations to come. I believe as a First Nations woman it is important to acknowledge and appreciate the way of life our Ancestors loved and lived, pulling from our inter generational strength rather than our trauma.

Earth Jiinda is all about sharing our little bit of magik through what I have had passed onto me, my connections, lived experiences and my continuous learnings and teachings within the space.

All of our products are cruelty free, Australian made, ethically sourced and packaged with as minimal waste as possible. Each product is made with not only the Aromatherapy qualification and safety guidelines followed but also cleansed with a native eucalyptus burning bundle from country with very strong intentions clearing and energising all products. This business is everything that I am, I measure the success of my business not just by being able to support my family but what I can offer our community and other Blak communities nationwide. We now have a donation section for products direct and or using profits from every order to give back to our mob.

Please take the time to have a read and support my mob and many others across
the country. If you want to know more or have a yarn you can email me at info@earthjiinda.com otherwise join our email subscription for updates and to see more us through our blog posts and social media account @earthjiinda.

Jame Telfer